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About Us

Wenzhou XingJian Play Toys Co, Ltd instituta est in MMXIX, Sita est in Qiaoxia Oppido, Yongjia Comitatus, quae nota est "Urbs Educationalis Toys in Sinis". 

The company adheres to the tenet of “A gentleman should constantly strike to become stronger just like the evolution of the universe.”The Company Purpose: Quality First , Customer Highest , Reputation premier.” Adheres to the spirit of sincerity, enthusiasm, professionalism and 24-hour online service to provide customers with high-quality products.The company provides customized design, production, installation, after-sales and other one-stop services. XingJian Committed to develop a foreign trade-oriented sales direction, We sell high-end product quality as the benchmark, and provide customers with good service quality and experience as our vision. 

The company's main products are outdoor amusement equipment ,combined slides, amet mollis cubilia, trampolines, ninja course, rope course , fitness equipment, preschool education equipment, parent-child parks, etc. We can design and customize for kindergartens, parks, schools, shopping malls, parent-child parks, commercial centers, supermarkets, etc. With a professional design team, engineering team provides technical support to innovate. 

Xingjian Play has an experienced team. The team members have been deeply involved in the industry for more than 15 years. We have grasped the details of the project in place. Creates happiness and makes brilliant world. We will always keeps moving forward with our cultural, to makes the excellent brand, lead the trend of amusement equipment and serve the development of education in china.

qualis Product

XingJian Commissum ad explicandas commercia aliena venditionesque directionis ordinantur, vendimus summus finis producti qualitas sicut Probatio.

Pro Team

Cum turma professionalis designandi, ipsum dolor technicam sustentationem praebet ad innovandum.


Xingjian Play expertus quadrigis. Sodales manipulos in industria plus quam XV annos penitus implicati sunt.

Sincerus Service

Inhaeret spiritui sinceritatis, studii, professionalismi et 24-horae online servitii

nostri quadrigis
Wenzhou XingJian Play Toys Co, Ltd instituta est in MMXIX, Sita est in Qiaoxia Oppido, Yongjia Comitatus, quae nota est "Urbs Educationalis Toys in Sinis". Societas adhaeret dogmati "Virtus constanter fortiores fieri debet sicut evolutionis universi." Societas Propositum: Quality Primum, Customer Altissimus, Reputatio premier." Inhaeret spiritui sinceritatis, alacritatis, professionalismi et XXIIII horarum online servitii ut clientes cum summus qualitas products praebeant.

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